View Full Version : Someone's got to post this?

05-03-2013, 12:59 PM
Well I have noticed over the course of the games release that everytime something goes wrong within 30 minutes there's a thread started about it complaining about "When is it going to be fixed", or "I'm selling this game, it sucks", or something to that nature and yes maybe it does irritate you and it also irritates me as well sometimes but when Trion deserves a "GOOD JOB" then they should be told as well.
As most of you may know after the last patch a lot of our score counts were reset back to zero and it really frustrated everyone and there were a lot of players that were down right PO.
But in all fairness Trion fixed the problem asap. So with all due respect thanks trion for getting this fixed for myself and all other appreciative gamers. Keep on grinding, as we all say in the gaming world. :)