View Full Version : Broken multiplayer promotes cheapness

05-04-2013, 07:33 AM
Does Trion not understand that part of running a competitive multiplayer game is balancing it as needed to provide the best experience for players?

Since launch, and more every day the death match has turned into 99 percent of people using shotguns, detonators and cloaks. The game rewards this cheapness. Anything else will just result in an epic fail and plenty of deaths. As more and more people do this, in turn it makes more and more people do this and you HAVE to do it to even be competitive. First it was a few people, then a few more, now it's literally every single person playing.

Think about it, shotguns and detonators are the two weapons in the game required the least amount of skill and aim. And now everybody uses them. If I went and played other shooters you would find a variety of balanced weapons in play, skill based weapons like sniper rifles in use. In defiance you can either stoop to everyone's level and stand somewhat of a chance or try to use the other weapons and get owned.

Cloak is BEYOND broken. I don't care what you say to me after this about how much you think I suck. When a person can cloak, walk right up to me 100 percent undetectable, shoot me point blank in the face with a shotgun and calmly walk away still cloaked, all the while me not having stood even the slightest chance, THAT IS NOT FAIR. I'm not going to spend the whole match randomly firing bullets around in every direction constantly just to try and reveal them, that is stupid, you shouldn't have too. I know decoy reveals them but decoy takes a lot of time to charge and once again I'm not going to be randomly firing decoy off all the time. It serves absolutely no other purpose in multiplayer so it's useless to even equip it.

Which brings me to this. Nothing outside of removing the cloak would satisfy me but I understand that won't happen. However Trion should take similar steps other games have taken. The cloak should give off a disruption field, visible to an observant player, more so the faster the cloaked person is moving. If I'm standing still, paying attention and studying the area in front of me I should be able to at least slightly see a cloaked person moving in front of me. Every other cloak in every other competitive shooter has done this for a reason, you NEED IT to balance out the otherwise completely cheap and god like power the cloak gives.

Second decoy needs to appear as an exact copy of your character when used in deathmatch. It would actually come in quite handy and confuse the enemy and help you escape in that regard. Right now it is only used as a countermeasure for cloaks which is actually the secondary use it serves out on the world map. The whole point of decoy is to provide a distraction that takes some of the focus of yourself.

At the end of the day this multiplayer may always be broken and unbalanced. I understand this is Trion not Dice but a few simple things could really improve the experience across the board.