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05-04-2013, 08:51 PM
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May 4, 2046

Never run out on a debt. Was about to leave the lawkeeper’s place when I noticed a handmade poster by two brothers over by Murray Dock. A vagabond named Fallon McNeil borrowed 200 script from the brothers, and taken off without paying the debt. The brothers have added interest to the loan and now anyone who brings them the now 500 script, will get access a ride to anywhere up to 100 miles of the bay area on their boat. While I’m not looking to leave just yet, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to have a boat available when I do. I spoke to some ranchers and heard Fallon had tried to make his way north through Tranquility but got caught up in the same mess I just escaped from.

Weak and with several broken ribs from a mutant bio man hitting him in the gut; the fool was now at Rathus Parraba’s ranch east of Iron Demon ranch. As I made my way onto the property I found Rathus on the roof of his home installing a turret in response to a recent hellbug attack. He initially thought me to be someone Fallon had wronged and wanted to kill him, but once I explained the issue of the debt; Rathus let me in. Even in his sorry state Fallon tried to weasel his way out saying all of his script was lost, which neither I nor Rathus bought. After a short struggle aided by the fact Fallon’s ribs had yet to heal properly I pinned him to the ground and on searching his boots I found a hidden compartment in one of them with several thousand script.

I took the 500 and Rathus took what Fallon also still owed him from a past gambling debt before putting the script back into the boot and hauling him to a nearby bed to rest. Fallon was in a sour mood at what just transpired, but his mood improved when I gave him a bottle of whisky I bought from a traveling trader at Iron Demon ranch. I gave the script to the brother soon after and now find myself resting in a barn at the lawkeeper’s ranch once again. If nothing else comes up I’ll make my way south to crater and hopefully find some information on my target.

05-15-2013, 11:26 PM
Keep writing this..I'm interested in seeing how it goes for Remus.