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01-07-2013, 05:18 PM


Having always taken up various leadership roles in other games I've decided it's about time I tried leading my own guild and Defiance, with all the promise it shows, seems the ideal place to start one. Although I'm not quite ready for mass recruitment, especially with the game only entering its beta phase, I'm looking for a few core members to kick things off with and just want to get the name out there before the forums become too overcrowded with other recruitment threads. The recruitment is currently open but It should be known that I won't be considering most applications until the beta begins or maybe even as late as release.

I'm currently working on an enjin hosted site which has yet to be upgraded and have recently been learning how to use various programs like illustrator, photoshop and movie maker to give the recruitment process a bit of a shine that might attract more applicants (you can expect a recruitment video soon). If anyone's interested in helping set things up, maybe even improve upon the clan logo I've designed, I would love to hear what they have to propose and may even give them a position as a founder once things finally kick off.


Snake Eyes will be a social guild based in the UK with an initial focus on social gameplay but eventually growing into an experience players of all kinds can enjoy dependent on the popularity of events as well as the enthusiasm of members willing to organize their own.

As the leader I have a keen interest in PvP and will be putting together highly organised team events from the start but I also enjoy playing other aspects of the game and don't mind slowing my pace from time to time to help introduce new players to the mmo genre. I may even organize RP events if we have some keen role-players join us. In-game parties, muck about events and similar things are sure to be on the cards too.

I don't intend to make a giant clan and we will be starting off fairly small but members who show a great deal of enthusiasm and organisation when it comes to events will eventually be promoted to officers. As their number increase so will our recruiting efforts and we will eventually grow to a size that I feel comfortable with.


- Must be at least 18 years old.

- We require sociable players who can work well as a team, that means:

Checking the website and forums regularly.
Participating in guild events.
Helping fellow members.
Maintaining a good reputation for the guild.

...you get the idea.

- Respect is important. Though a bit of banter can be fun I don't want people hurling abuse at each other and potentially causing a fall out, especially if a newbie within the guild makes a mistake.

- Multiple playstyles and levels of interest. My aim is to create a guild that has daily and weekly events that cater to players of different kinds and though an event may be running not everyone is expected to take part as it might not be in their taste. With 4 man teams it should also be fairly easy to run hardcore groups parallel to others.

- No experience necessary. Having introduced many friends and their families to the mmo genre I've come to enjoy helping others into the flow of things and will be sure to encourage members to help new players out as well as organize events that will help them progress.

- In regards to voice clients and microphones I prefer to keep them optional as I understand some people don't feel comfortable using them. Some events however, particularly the hardcore ones, will require a microphone (I don't currently have a server yet but one will definitely be made available at release, if not earlier).


Applications: http://snakeeyes.enjin.com/recruitment

Contact Me: http://snakeeyes.enjin.com/contact

Forum: http://snakeeyes.enjin.com/forum