View Full Version : Last 10mins of Episode 3? (spoilers obviously)

05-05-2013, 04:47 PM
Would someone be so kind as to tell me what happens the last 10 mins of the 3rd Episode of the TV show? I recorded it but someone cancelled the last few minutes of it.

I left off right as Nolan, Irisa and the 2 others got to the bottom of the mining shaft, aka hell bug nest. The giant Hell bug rises up then settles down and.......that's where it cuts off.

Thanks in advance!

05-05-2013, 04:53 PM
From Wiki

Two humans are attacked and killed by Hellbugs; Nolan, Irisa and the Indogene doctor discover that the humans were targeted using Hellbug attack pheromones. Hellbugs attack the Tarr residence, where Christie McCawley is having dinner with Alak and his parents; her clothes have been sprayed with the pheromones. Alak defends her, and Datak kills the attacking bugs. Alak's defense of Christie improves relations between the McCawley and Tarr families. Nolan discovers that the two dead men had sold land to McCawley for his mines and the attacks are therefore connected; Irisa begins to have "visions" of an Irathient family. Consulting with the Irathient marauders who are now visiting Defiance freely but with some awkwardness, she learns that she has "the sight" - a visionary ability to see the past, present or future without actually being present for the events seen. Irisa has a stronger vision and discovers that the two dead men did not own the land but killed an Irathient family to obtain it; the daughter of the family escaped and grew up to become one of the marauders. Her father was an entomologist; inheriting his talent, she discovered a nest of hellbugs and began using them as a weapon. Nolan, Irisa, Deputy Lasalle and the Irathient leader follow her into the hellbug nest, capture her, and destroy the nest. McCawley deeds the stolen land back to the Irathient marauders, who appear to be returning to live in Defiance.

There was a scene with the tophat Irath and Rynn about her going to prison which has been hinted at by the devs to impact the show. Slight mention of how he helped Irisa find her because of the visions being important and how Rynn purposely didn't kill him. When they destroyed the nest they used a pheremone bomb which is also mentioned to possibly impact the game.


Rynn used attack pheromones to make the Hellbugs zero in on her targets - a technique that Nolan was able to use to save our heroes' hides in the nest when he turned the little buggers against their Matron. Could this concept make its way into the game world? Stay tuned!