View Full Version : Review and Vacation

05-07-2013, 10:35 AM
I've read a review recently and it hits the mark. That game does so many things wrong but you dont notice because the combat is done so prefectly, you literally dont realize that once you finsih the main missions and side missions there isnt really anything to do. trion posted that they periodically chedck the posts on these pages, but clearly they havent cause there has literally been no mention of new content, when the dlc is slated for release, when or more like "if" new episode missions on in the works, what the new playable race is going to be and can you grandfather in your current characters ego rating or do you have to start the whole game over from scratch. That would be very annoying, its werid with games like mass effect, elder scrolls, dead space dragon age, saints row, etc etc I love playing the same stuff over and over but this game one playthrough was enough. Ok so in closing this isnt a "goodbye" letter that so many people are posting this is a "vacation" letter, im going to go sit on a beach somewhere and sip a corona and lime or maybe a margarita with a umbrella in my glass and wait for new content that warrants more playtime.