View Full Version : Weapon experience suggestion put to the community

05-07-2013, 04:47 PM
Economy: To help create a more stable economy in-game, reset the experience progress to 0 on epic (purple) and legendary (orange) items. However, they cannot be traded back to the player with a reset experience bar, it'd be maxed. Perhaps an unseen signature added to weapons of player names that have held a weapon and their experience progress e.g. Chemikz(9000).

Convenience: Remove weapon experience bars altogether, along with their bonuses to maintain balance. The player gains weapon experience to level their skill by simply using a weapon type by either killing or healing a target.

Power: Epic (purple) and legendary (orange) items have buffed, in comparison to their current states, maxed experience bonuses, increasing the value of said items. Perhaps also adopting the economy option too. Common, uncommon and rare (white, green and blue) items continue to work as they are, yet gain no bonus upon filling the experience bar, further increasing the value of epic and legendary items.

These are suggestions made to address some concerns with in-game economy and the worth of items in terms of scrip and their application in battle.

What do you think? Do you have any ideas springing to mind?