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05-07-2013, 06:26 PM
At first I only found weapons with the synergy called Scavenger or Veteran. I figured it meant that those classes that chose that class will get those benefits. (Mistaken scavenger for survivalist) I was like sweet, that's what differentiated classes. You get special weapon benefits that correspond with your class that you first choose. I thought that was freaking brilliant.

I been looking for a sniper with a custom Scavenger (LoL "Survivalist") ability so I can have a cool ability that sets me apart from the rest. But of course my lack of attention to detail led me astray until I saw this post and I realized that it was not even close to as cool as I thought it was.

Yea its "Alright", but I thought that it was an awesome way for them to make it so there is actually a slight difference on what class you took. Now from that guide I found out anyone can use it and still no differentiation between classes. :/

That being said, any chance something like what I thought its effects were able to be put into game as well?

Weapon - Bolt Action Sniper Rifle
Class Synergy: "Survivalist"
(1) Successful Headshot refunds 25% of missing shield (if applicable)

Weapon - Semi Auto Sniper Rifle
Class Synergy: "Survialist"
(1) Successful "Double Tap" (2 Head shots from double shot) replenishes 10% of your ammo clip

Weapon - Pump Action Shotgun
Class Synergy: "Veteran"
(1) One Shot One Kill - Successful kill has chance to auto reload 10% ammo into clip.

Basic examples like that above, im sure you could come up with better ones than me. But you get what I mean. This would make it so you can answer the question that everyone keeps bugging you on "whats the difference between classes"

What do youguys think?