View Full Version : Launcher Feedback

03-22-2013, 11:04 AM
Since I am unable to get into the game at all (see my other threads for data on that), here's my feedback on the launcher itself.

- It could really use a way to tweak graphics and audio options before opening the game. This is standard now on many games that use launchers and would make things much easier for players before they even get into the game.

- The grey lettering tends to blend into the background, especially with the word Support. I recommend another contrasting color.

- Overall, the coloring is very monotone... to the point of blandness.

- Downloading/patching took forever. I realize the client is rather large sized, but the amount of time it took to download was way too long.

- Settings: Only NA and EU? Perhaps it would be a better idea to go with NA-East, NA-West, EU-East, EU-West and Oceanic regions. This way you have closer connections for each major region, rather than one on each continent that will easily get slammed with large server loads.

Enjoy, and I really look forward to eventually getting into the game I have paid for!