View Full Version : I don't know about this anymore...

05-08-2013, 11:11 AM
I am really trying to hold out for this game because I really want to see this work out somehow but now I reached EGO 1100+ and I am frankly tired of the pretty tedious pursuits, its a pretty big bore-chore just to get a higher number and no real stat advantages. I said near a month ago along with many others I am giving this game another month to see if they can produce something meat, but so far we just get multi colored hell bugs and some fixes that stabilized what should have been already stable to begin with.

The TV show has been pretty cool and is something to do every monday however I haven't even touched the game in a full week which is pretty pathetic if an mmo lacks something to do so early in the games lifetime, I'm frankly really disappointed in the fact I paid 150+ dollars for a game worth less than 50 $ tops. I and pretty much 75%+ of the community are dissatisfied with this product, I could list all the reasons why but I'm sure we all have read the extensive reports on the forums, however am I the only one who thinks trion has went quiet on the community?

So I ask this, what the heck trion? Where is the RPG elements? All I see is a 3rd person shooter with inbalanced weapons, and no character progression. At this point call of duty looks more like an rpg except it doesn't have health bars on enemies. Why is it we have shields with the same power almost as when we start out? Enemies seen to cut throufh them with all too much ease, so why do we have shields to begin with and not just bigger health bars? WHERE IS THE GAME YOU PROMISED US? All I see is an unfinished junk pile you're taping together.