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05-08-2013, 11:52 AM
PS3 US Maccloud7 shop
Shop Updated on 2013/05/08 afternoon

Orange stuff :
360 Bio-nova Pro-55W, 0.0
1776 Clusternova, 0.8, 1809 dmg
196 Flashnova Pro-25Z, 0.5
265 Fragnova Pro-52Z, 2051-3419 dmg, 0.8
1061 Fragnova, 0.0, 2123-3538 dmg
788 Pyronova Pro-55W, det time 0.0

260 Respark Brawler, +melee when shield is down, resist slow, 1037, 40%,3
469 Respark Rearm IV EX, +1% ammo regen when shield break, 1078/40%/3

1666 VOT Blast Rifle with syphon, run and gun, crit, melee, grenade recharge on kill, 1.25 mag
541 VBI TACC Autopistol, Survivalist, 1.15 crit, 15% self revive on revive other, +8 mag
1485 VBI Autopistol, rolling thunder, +4 and +8 mag, stowed weapon clip, 19 mag
1310 FRC Bull Rush, Machinist, +4 and +8 mag, ego power recharge on reload, 25 mag
872 VOT Spanner, Outlaw, 1.05 charge, ego on reload
868 VBI TACC AR, quartermaster, melee, self revive, 1.25 mag, 38 mag
1100 FRC Assault Carbine, Rolling Thunder, 15% self revive recharge on revive other, 1.25 mag
778 FRC Heavy Assault Carbine, Machinist, 1.15 crit, grenade recharge on kill, 1.25 mag
731 VBI TACC Assault Rifle, Survivalist, melee, grenade, 1.25 mag
1155 VOT Auto Fragger, Cannonneer, less recoil, self revive, fire rate
247 VBI Auto Shotgun, survivalist, melee, grenade, +9 mag, 24 mag
360 FRC Bolt Action Repeater, acid element, less recoil, grenade, fire rate, 1428 DMG
573 FRC Bolt Action Repeater, run-n-gun, melee, ego on reload, +8 mag, 13 mags
1846 VBI Sniper Rifle, Quartermaster, grenade recharge,8 mag
286 FRC Big Boomer, Machinist, 1.15 melee, 15% grenade recharge, 1.10 fire rate
621 FRC Crash Boomer, Machinist, 0.90 reload, 10% power on reload, 1.10 fire rate
1294 VOT Rebound Lobber, Quartermaster, melee, self revive, fire rate
1125 VBI AR1 Armade, grenadier, melee dmg, ego on recharge,6 mag total 9
822 FRC Innoculator, assassin, fire rate, stowed weapon clip on kill, fire rate
108 FRC SAW, outlaw, crit, self revive, fire rate
483 FRC SAW, Veteran, 1.10 mag, self revive, 1.25 mag for a total of 115 mag
1485 FRC Birdshot Pump, assassin, reload, stowed weapon, fire rate
1355 VBI PS-30 Slugger, grenadier, +5 and +9 mag for a total of 24, self revive
1279 FRC Scattergun, survivalist, fire rate, ego on reload, +9 mag for a total of 19

Currently looking for Legendary : FRC SAW, every kind of Assault Rifle except Mazu, VBI CS-X Cluster Shotgun, all kind of grenade, Respark shield, WolfHound, Wolfverine, the syphon VOT Grind Fragger and Heavy Scattergun, Immunizer with grenade recharge on reload or kill if possible with fire rate and or ammo, 75% hp regen shield with highest capacity possible

Purple im looking for VBI Assault Rifle and Fully automatic Carbine with Syphon on it below 1500 ego or near it, VOT Grinder and Heavy Scatter Gun with Syphon and grenade on kill, Immunizer with grenade rechage on kill/reload

The most popular thing I got at least twice to kinda more easily trade are the FRC SAW, Respark Shield, Frag 0.8, and a VBI TACC, also Sniper with extra Mag on them without any mods

PSN : Maccloud7