View Full Version : WTS: FRC Big Boomer [Detonator]

05-08-2013, 11:14 PM
FRC Big Boomer [Det] -- This is an orange item!

Manual Det.
All 4 open weapon mod slots.
722071/926100 exp.
Synergy: Quartermaster
[1]+5% Reload
[2]+10% Reload
[3]+50% Reload on self-revive
[4]+100% Reload on self-revive

x0.90 Reload
25% of stowed weapon clip reloaded on a kill.
+6 Mag

Melee: Toxic

Max DMG: 1515
Min DMG: 167
Fire Rate: 2.0
Mag: 8
Reload: 2.3
Blast Radius: 6.6

Just trying to see what kind of offers I can get on this. Let me know here, or message me in-game.
GT: Psychomyth