View Full Version : UK - US Military Players

05-10-2013, 03:13 AM
Anyone here that plays on the 360 version from one of the bases in the UK? I am at RAF Lakenheath and just looking to add some of you to my friends list. This game sold well over here so I know you are out there.

GT: StormStrickland - send message Defiance or something so I know.

05-10-2013, 04:56 AM
Theres loads of serving & vets on here that play in UK...you might want to check out the Xbox clan threads for military/ex-military clans.

A lot of us just joined clans we liked the sound off..have a look around,theres lots of choice..good luck!


05-10-2013, 05:08 AM
Already in a clan just looking to add friends