View Full Version : unique named weapons.

05-12-2013, 03:54 PM
Through out the course of the main story there are named weapons. They are not particularly good and are even or often times worse then its average counterpart. But they have a unique name and thats what I find cool. Ones mans junk is another mans treasure.

Now, I beat the main story awhile ago and the begining is very hazy for me with all the glitches the game had and what nots. It was maddness. Anyway I dont remember all the names to the unique guns and Im trying to get the named weapons back that I scraped in my humble beginings.

So far I have...

Deadbolt Sniper

Outlaw Sawed Off

El Diablo

Detu Ara

Nolans XAR-22

Gladiator AR

Among others from all side mission guns.

I dont remember the main mission ones from the begining though. So if my list is incomplete please let me know.

I think all that Im missing is...Downpour Pulser & and a Pistol just known as HP-6. Does anyone have these and willing to trade/par for them?