View Full Version : Suprising Weapon stats on VBI Assault Rifle

05-12-2013, 08:35 PM
I had a VBI Assault Rifle drop from a random enemy that has some suprising stats on it.

EGO lvl: 1996
Nano: Syphon
Synergy: Assassin
x1.05 DMG
x1.15 Crit Mult

Has anyone else had anything like this drop? I just thought it was odd to see those kind of stats together on a green/un-common weapon.

05-12-2013, 08:50 PM
no, that is how off key the random weapon generator is.

05-12-2013, 08:52 PM
Heard of someone getting the x1.05 dmg then another x1.03 or 1.05 on the level up

05-12-2013, 09:01 PM
Some of the purple weapons in the faction vendors have doubled-up multipliers like that. Seemed odd.

What would be NICE is if different weapons showed up instead. Or different nano effects on the same old weapons...

05-13-2013, 12:22 AM
Heard of someone getting the x1.05 dmg then another x1.03 or 1.05 on the level up

That is affirmative i got a few guns that not only have the x1.05 dmg then on level up x1.04 dmg. Still looking for a Power Bore III to add even more damage.

But here is the problem a gun that does 222 plus the x1.05 and the x1.04 plus skill level 20 that x1.04 doesn't really add anything to the white damage. Then again I want to see if the gun that has the x1.05 + x1.04 plus the Power Bore III barrel will add any more white damage.

Still looking for that elusive mod.

05-13-2013, 01:01 AM
Only thing odd I've seen is this

Synergy: Outlaw
[2] +5% damage from last shot in clip
-0.20 Recoil
-0.10 Recoil
DMG 398
Fire Rate 15.0
Mag 30
Reload 2.4
Crit Multi 1.8x
Bloom -0.02

The bloom alone confused me and curious what would happen if I put a level 3 recoil stock on it.

05-13-2013, 01:53 AM
Youre lucky those are good stats

05-13-2013, 09:42 AM
I've seen a vbi tacc with several mag increases on it as a yellow

05-13-2013, 09:50 AM
My legendary derailer has +8 mag, and +4 mag as stat additions.
I think the +4 was the last one it got when it leveled and I'm still wondering if the +8 was a double stack.