View Full Version : What is going on?

05-13-2013, 04:18 PM
I played pvp for the first time last week, it was nothing but shotguns, I levelled my shotgun up to level 5 and thought maybe I would then be able to do that 100 kills in competitive abit easier.

fast forward 1 week, I had 1 hour and a half to get 100 kills (the contract reset) and now the new thing seems to be jumping to the side over and over while shooting an infecter, I thought infectors did 4 damage? my shield of 1700 goes in a second and I'm dead, same with BMG's just abit longer for me to enjoy that lovely beam of light they shoot, is there some special way of using them that makes them like Black Ops 2 Remingtons?

so now for a question, should I level up infectors and BMG? according to ALL recent TDM's and Shadow Wars, the answer is yes, your thoughts?

I will not, I repeat, I will NOT jump up and down to the side shooting an infector, I want to have fun playing pvp, that I cannot do, I was killed by it and I just had no words