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05-14-2013, 07:02 AM
Synergy Mods
Power Choke III- Brutal-Shotgun
Precision Scope III-Brutal-Pistol


FRC Sub Carbine EGO 2460
Nano: Shock
Synergy: Grenadier
x0.85 Reload
x0.90 Reload
25% of stowed weapon clip reloaded on a kill
x1.25 Mag
DMG- 235

Hurricane IV Shield EGO 1880
Damage Resistance: Bio
Recharge/Sec- 85%
Delay- 6

Hurricane Blockade V ARC Shield
Takes 30% less damage from vehicles
Cap- 1164
Recharge/Sec- 70%
Delay- 6

VOT Nano Fragger EGO 1537
Nano: Shock
Synergy: Cannoneer
-0.10 Recoil
25% of stowed weapon clip reloaded on a kill
DMG: 242x12

FRC Heavy Assault Carbine EGO 1424
Nano: Fire
Synergy: Brutal
x1.10 Mag
15% grenade recharge on kill
Melee- Bio
DMG: 444

VBI TACC Autopistol EGO 1793
Synergy- Stalker
+4 Mag
15% self-revive recharge on revive other player
Melee: Bio
DMG: 480

VBI AR2 Bonfire EGO 1537
Synergy: Machinist
x0.90 Reload
10% EGO power recharge on full reload
Melee: Bio
Max DMG: 606
Min DMG: 303

Looking to sell or trade
If interested send me a message to GT LONESTARXXX