View Full Version : Looking for a LARGE Community to play defiance with :)

05-16-2013, 10:38 AM
Im currently in a clan that doesn't really do much at all :/

I only just really started the game, im level 243 and I want to re-set my character again so I can be a alien female person thingyy:P

I am american and somehow not sure if its because my xbox is imported im stuck on the Uk servers :0 So Uk clans/communitys only :)

Let me knoww please:) but seriously only large communitys that group togeather and to ark falls and missions ALOT ! Not just a one time thing, Okay?.

Oh and please no creepers, and I would prefer it if they were around my age im 19 because well many reasons not going too go into itt about the whole "Squeaker" thingyy:/

Anyway let me knoww pweaseeeee :O yes im trying to be cute by putting pweaseeee, I know how to spell please before any smart kids put its Please not Pweasee! Okay BRO! ? :)