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03-22-2013, 11:30 PM
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---I will update this post as I find more bugs--

-location (if applicaple)
-bug report

-Runner Liscense (PURSUIT)
-on the way to south tower during the radio missions
-when I obtained the runner license while using boost in the atv "?rex pro" vehicle my system froze
-main menu
-title screen
-trying to customize controller buttons results in game being stuck not recieving input from controller (requires quit from XMB to exit)
-UPDATE: there is a way around this in the beta as mentioned by Nyteshade below
-Radio mission set (North Tower)
-North Tower?
-After turning on the tower there is a cutscene that raises the camera to the top of the tower, after the cut scene ends my avatar dropped from the last location of the camera
-UPDATE: this occurs at all the towers
-Snipers on ridge(2nd or 3rd mission from base camp) first appearance of machine gun mutant
-?Sniper base/ridge
-after cutscene with grenade launcher big mutant there were no enemies for a while (may be due to another player not in group or party doing same mission viewing cutscene?) and the garage type area in the back of the base the back right wall was missing and could see through the map, it looked as though I could have fallen through there, but I didn't risk it
-UPDATE: tried this again with a new character and the same issue occured and YOU CAN FALL THROUGH THE MAP, which also costs you scrip to respawn
-vendor menu
-optional mission (recue vendor)
-after selling items to have enough scrip to buy an item I couldn't make the purchase until I left and re-entered the store
__________________________________________________ __
-Main Menu
-After logging out and returning to the TITLE MENU if you try to quit the game via XMB to quickly the PS3 will freeze and display a black background with some various white boxes in a border like line pattern on the upper and lower portions of the screen
__________________________________________________ __
-Not sure
-Optional Mission: time trial ATV
-when trying to restart the mission from select screen (map) the pop up window would not allow any interaction with it restarted the race with the menu remaining. This remained there even after I got off the ATV and died. Had to restart to remove the issue.
__________________________________________________ ____________
-Quick Menu
-Could not select a player beyond their name; IE: mute, invite... Every time I would push the d-pad to the right to attempt and select an option on a player's name it would just stop as if at a dead end. The last attempt to utilize this feature was when I successfuly traded with a group member in game. After that point I could not see any player options only their name.
__________________________________________________ __________
-Quick Menu
-BUG - pending group invite cannot join queue... My friend that I tried to invite logged off the game, and I could not join any match making sessions.
__________________________________________________ _________
-Quick Menu
-Inspect (player_name)
-The inspect function does not work at all from the quick menu
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03-22-2013, 11:31 PM
General Feedback:

1. HUD has way to much info on it, and most of it does NOT need to be there all the time.

2. AI difficulty needs to be increased, and an option to turn off snap aim

3. Snap aim should not be allowed or utilized in competitive modes at all

4. Tutorials or help menu/tips to explain the usage of emotes, chat, grouping... as well as currencies, modding weapons, and the various in game menus should be added.

5. While I personally have enjoyed the more casual feeling in regards to beta as an RPG I do think that perhaps the pacing for leveling should be widened just a tad to require just a little bit more "grinding" between levels.

6. I also must admit after playing the beta for 2-3 days I did find myself getting bored with little to do, but hopefully whatever things were left out in regards to co-op missions and furthering the story and new dynamic events we might not have seen in the beta will add to the game.

7. Furthermore, in regards to DLC I'd personally like to see more character options, and those options actually mean something... as it is it doesn't really matter what you pick as the only difference is how the character looks and their starting weapon. Also in regards to DLC I'd like to see more expansion on Co-op rather than competitive as the competitive modes don't seem to be really balanced, but perhaps guild/clan support for battles could add another level of depth to the PvP side of this game.

Soul Survivor
03-23-2013, 05:14 AM
1. Somtimes while exiting a menu the previous menu item will be stuck in your screen. It will ask you to select cancel with circle. But circle will only crouch your character. You have to go back into whatever menu that was and back all the way out of it again to get it to clear. Sometimes you have to repeat these steps more then once.

2. There are some major ramps allowing you to jump your vehicle across bodies of water or jump off of docks and swim. That is cool except the scaling of the beaches are almost impossible if you land in the water. The edges need to be tapered more allowing your character to climb back into the level.

3. Also agree snap or auto aim needs to be taken from pvp and allow you to turn it off in the menu so you don't get used to using it.

4. When you invite someone to your group they do not always show up on the map.

5. When in group the mics are spotty at best and there needs to be a adj. for individual mic settings for your group members that you could change.

6. Also by design or not it would be nice that when in group you can't be removed from group by a solo mission. Make it where they no you are in an instance but you should still be able to talk to them via chat.

04-03-2013, 03:08 PM
1-bug issues : Voice chat thats all we need make it real

04-03-2013, 06:37 PM
1-bug issues : Voice chat thats all we need make it real
Join a group to have voice chat