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05-21-2013, 01:36 AM
Hi there!

This might be a insanely stupid question/discussion. And my excuse is going to be: I'm really really new to this :P

I've been playing defiance for about 2,5 days (EGO 350+) now and I've noticed a few things:
1. I have no clue what I'm doing - but it's a lot fun.
2. The game seems to encourage teaming (it becomes so much more comfortable when a fellow player is in the same region/mission)

So, with that noted - I find it really hard to find the social part of the game:
I've turned on "show player names" to have any clue of who is around - yet it doesn't seem to really affect the display of names at all (I still have to go into the little quick menu and look under "nearby" to see who is in front of me). And then there is the talking part. I always run around with my mic on. And I (think) have it on area chat. Sometimes I hear people (scary), but I get the idea that others can't (or don't want to :P) hear me. Even the matchmaking in co-op doesn't make much sense to me (people joining, leaving, nobody talking, no clue what to do).

Is this a normal thing? The game just feels like a big open world full of lone wolves, kinda weird for an MMO.
Maybe it will pass once I get a higher level (and find out what the Schtako i'm doing) and people team up more?

p.s. I'm playing on the EU server on Xbox 360. GT: Special K 611

05-21-2013, 01:37 AM
Feel free to add my tag. Fakinell

05-21-2013, 01:41 AM
Honestly I think the social aspect of this game is completely broken. No one wants to see this game last and succeed as much as me but in most MMOs the social aspects are very important and function quite superbly. But in this game, it's flat out broken. Everything from names, to voice chat, to text chat, everything...I hope it gets better, I really do.

A s0t
05-21-2013, 01:43 AM
yeah they turn off the name you can use a bmg that ghostbusters gun to view names, or right on directional and pick nearby i play mostly in xbox party chat cause the kinect players

05-21-2013, 01:44 AM
Cool :) I'll do that @Fakinell - As for the kinect players... I think i've heard that before... I thought the Bloody Mass Effect Reapers Landed in the wrong friggin game!

05-21-2013, 01:49 AM
I was in a group at an ark fall tonight when I started talking into the mic assuming I was speaking to my group, even though I'd rather do text chat but unfortunately it doesn't work. Instead I was actually only able to talk to and hear a random person who was on the complete other side of the world map, idk how that happened :/ Kind of funny though he turned out to be some kids grandpa who said he's been randomly able to talk to people all over the map all night and that he doesn't like to play MMOs for at least 8 to 9 months after they're out so that all the bugs get worked out... Here's to hoping he was right and in a couple months we won't have issues like this. Lol