View Full Version : Watching events from a far.

05-23-2013, 04:49 PM
So, I know that EU players were upset with the patch time, as is everyone who is waiting to play, but here in Australia the downtime began at 12.00AM Friday morning.
I'm at work now and hoping all will be fixed by 5:00PM, that gives TRION 17 Hours.

I have been reading about the extra downtime relating to the resending of Store items and being able to re-log and received them over and over.

I can only assume that they will have to find the problem, fix it, test it, and either roll out another small patch server or client then perform a rollback to just after the 1.20 patch was installed.

Sound a little difficult, as that order seems make the Store patch redundant unless it is server side.

So does anybody have any educated guesses as to how they will sort it out?