View Full Version : I play this game for relaxation, by choice.

05-25-2013, 09:00 PM
Wall of text, tl;dr at the end.

It's not like I'm doing this professionally.

But I swear, the more they tweak this game, with seemingly arbitrary, poorly coordinated crap-attempts at some 'balance that seems to be a moving target that they don't look like they have a handle on - the more frustrating it gets.

I'm tired of having to readjust my play style randomly when stuff just changes. It's not the same as being adaptable to a fluid situation which I can do, it's them frequently changing the ground rules on the fly in mid-game.

I have preparedness, fine.
Now they reduced mag size of the combat shotgun mag bonus.
Now preparedness doesn't have time to reload my SAW mag.
So I swap to it and it's less than half full.
And the reload animation takes longer to reload the SAW than it used to.
And 1.05% bonus on a 10 round mag?
You took 5 shot bonus mags that I bought and replaced them with 0.5 shot bonus mags?
Half a round?
WTF is that?
Shooting the half full SAW mag doesn't have time to reload the CS-X mag anymore.
Rinse, repeat until I'm out of ammo on a weapon swap, which I do for 'speed'.

I can't drive over the bridge west of Muir to an arkfall because the Monarch emergency there blows up my truck if I get near him while trying to drive around on the bridge, so I'm stuck fighting a monarch *AGAIN* with less ammo/mag-change, for more/slower mag-change animations, and the arkfall is mostly or completely over by the time I get there, again.

I'm shooting electric warriors and fire warriors in the mouth with a SAW for 40 damage, and run out of ammo in the mag over and over way before they set me on fire again, I spend more time dropping and rolling than shooting lately.

My truck gets stuck trying to climb hills (with a running start) on the trails out of the valley northwest of BugChug, so I get to stop on the trail and half the time back down into a mob, just trying to maneuver.

I used to stop my ATV, and climb out. Now, I exit my truck, and the animation takes 2 seconds to get me on the ground. A lot of stuff happens/changes in 2 measly seconds, and I'm fighting a different battle or in a completely different tactical position than the one I maneuvered to.

The stupid random tweaks are combining into stupid random compound results.
I'm not having fun, anymore, when they nerf all my defensive/offensive options.
My tactics and strategy is no longer valid, and as I'm adjusting, they change the rules again.

This isn't 'keeping it interesting', it's 'lets randomize stuff and see what happens'.