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05-26-2013, 03:12 PM
Do people use anything but Infectors during shadow wars, its the only type of gun I see people using. Yes, i get owned by infectors it gets pretty old, seems that is the only way I get killed anymore.

Just curious of why people use these so much, is it because its lazy mode PvP dont have to aim and just shoot as many little bullets out as you can with the honning?

05-26-2013, 03:35 PM
Immunizer infectors are very effective in any pvp.

I prefer the Vot Tachmag and the Vot Blast Rifle though, along with my bolt-action snipers.

05-26-2013, 03:47 PM
They use the immunizer with an expander mod because it bugs out and gets fully automatic. that combined with 40m range, homing cartridges (no need to aim like with "real" weapons, just keep your target in a realy big crosshair) and they can exploit covers you are hiding behind and shoot through it. Thatīs still not everything about that weapon... it even has high burst damage, damage over time, stops your shield from recharging and spawns homing bugs that do good area damage... and donīt forget the eggs that block a lot of the enemies screen so that itīs possible they donīt see everything or canīt even aim.

I was once a big fan of infector in PvE because they were fun... but in PvP theyīre the absolutly over the top compared to other weapons and most people exploit the hell out of it (in my opinion the crosshair should only be a DOT and the cartridges should only home to the DOT and not at everything inside a realy big crosshair).
This weapon is annoying me so much in PvP that i refuse to ever use it again in PvE... and in PvP i use every other weapon like breaker cannon, big boomer, vbi assault rifle, smg, sniper and bmg.

If you want to have fun in PvP again like we used to have before people started exploiting this weapon, then simply refuse to play pvp like many do allready... maybe trion will notice it one day something isnīt working right and fix this §$%/&$%&!

05-26-2013, 04:48 PM
And once you get infectors to L15, they get a 20% bonus range

Immunizer with an expander mod = Fully auto, Range 48 and homing.... That is just nuts!

05-27-2013, 04:36 AM
Well personally, I don't use Infectors : I prefer to pop heads with my Bolt Action Sniping Rifle. I also use a VOT Fragger. In deathmatch, I replace the sniping rifle by a Tachmag Pulser. I also occasionnaly use a Northstar Flare.

Interestingly, yesterday, I went Shadow War almost all the day. At the end of the afternoon, I did 2 games where I encountered very frequently an other player (his names was zerox, IIRC). It was funny : we encountered, I kill him, we encountered again, he killed me, and so on... Until I took the advantage and killed him four times in a row. I guess that frustrated him because on the next encounter he replaced his FRC Saw by an Immunizer. Pity... I though the guy was a decent player.