View Full Version : In search of EU clan/guild

03-23-2013, 12:16 PM
Geuss ill try my luck here aswell.

As stated im looking for a clan/guild to venture in Defiance when it releases, Been playing the Beta for nonstop (except now when typing this)

What im looking for is a clan focussed mainly on the PvE aspect of the game, with a serious touch to it. What i mean by that is im all in for fooling around doing random stuff, but when in a raid or tackling a challenge i like everyone to be on the same page and get it done to its best. (People standing in fire cus they think its good or gives them a buff are bad) As i wanna spend the hours in the game to its fullest and getting as much done, This probly due my "hardcore" raiding history that kinda got stuck in me.

I do plan in venturing the pvp aspect aswell but not as much to fully go for it, its more on the side as an 'clan-event' or something like that.

Little bit about me;
Im from Belgium, 22 years old playing online for over 10 years various games at a fairly high rankings/top.
Most of the time spend in WoW (top3 on server) and shooters from BF42-3 to CoD,BO2 and Cs series.
Got alot of time on my hands since i work half-time due an Army injury preventing me from working full days.

So hopefully a decent sized clan (dont like to be the only one online, stuck at finding a decent group for something to do) might fit me in and happy to hear from you.
Making an application will be no problem at all or if you want to know more or hear from me let me know, we can exchange details and have chat!

Voice chat such as TS,Vent, mumble,... is kinda a "must" to have perfect communication and just have a laugh while doing the random stuff.

Due note i checked out some clans but usually they turn out to be NA based or something like that.

Thanks for taking the time.