View Full Version : Looking For Friends In It For The Long Haul

05-27-2013, 09:11 AM
Hey all,
It's a common occurrence to check the forums and see posts about old players who no longer have friends playing, etc...and I'm of no exception. I started at release and was an officer in a clan that had a decent playerbase of active members, we ran group content regularly and had a blast. Every one of those members has dropped off, either til future content or just bored ingame.
I'm trying to find other players who (for whatever reason) are continuing to stick it out in Defiance and enjoy the content that we have. I'm not trying to discourage new players from dropping their name below, I just don't want to start playing with someone who is going to drop off the planet in 3 weeks, though at this point I suppose beggars can't be choosers.
My clan still has Teamspeak available and am confident the leader would have no issue with new faces popping in to chat. This game is fun, it just needs group involvement. I'm sick of running around solo. If not interested in TS, no big deal. Chat seems to be working fine now in all channels.
If you're looking for someone new to run around with, leave your name below. My ingame name is Avedis.