View Full Version : Weapon Exp - Comments/Sugestions invited

05-27-2013, 12:23 PM
Working thru the combat pursuits and some of the weapons go up very slowly. I have seen the suggestions on the forums for many of them, but wanted to add some comments of my own, and invite other suggestions.

BMG - Scrapyard is good, but the weapon still sucks. Hulker is good, but talk about taking a LONG time to level this weapon up. Given the pursuit needs level 10, this is just painful for a weapon with low dps.

Sawed-off shotgun - painful before the nerf - now insane. Perhaps if the xp to level up was more like the sniper rifles the one shot wonders might be worth it. Again, I think we need level 10 with these and they just don't do the DPS to allow for leveling even at low levels.

Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle - I know about the head shot bug (which impacts both snipers), and at least this isn't as bad at leveling as the above two mentioned weapons. It is still slow given the limited amount of damage.

Boomers - now that they have been nerfed - I don't want to think what leveling them up (also necessary) is going to take.

FYI - for those wondering - I have about 2200 ego, generally suck at the driving (some golds, all slivers), don't mind doing co-ops but I think it will take about 300 scrapworks to level up the bmg (maybe more) and at least that many for the shotgun. FYI - favored weapon: SAWx2 maxed out already - so use them on arkfalls and usually get 1st or 2nd damage. (Course - all I really want is to revive 43 more people - but dang, not enough people getting killed, and too many self revive. Though, sometimes it is fun to send my decoy into the crowd and see if anyone dies - yes I do that.)

05-27-2013, 12:42 PM
Any weapon that has an explosive variant or is mainly explosive (IE: Sawed off courier, detonators, combat shotgun clustershot) are best level against hordes with the Deadly Cascade Perk.