View Full Version : Seeking PvP & PvE leveled Guild

03-23-2013, 02:33 PM
Hi, Im Dezz, PSN: BangWitDaCal and well I'm interested in finding a mature guild/clan whatever you may consider it, that has humor and great communication and tactical. I am reframing from playing the Beta just because I want to be more surprised when I play, therefore I wont have to repeat the same thing over. I GB Call of Duty, very experienced and good at games like Gears of War, GTA4 and Dust 514. I also, play MMO's like Perfect World and etc so I'm sure with my background it will a nice experience and taking from the videos a good challenge.

Also, I love PvP with a passion, very competitive, great sportsmanship , and love to go against the "so called best".

I would like to add among being a Gamer I am also in the US Navy and will be taking a month or two away in May, but plan on being active as much as I can (I'm so good at multi-tasking)..

If you guys have any group, guild, clan or whatever you may call it in mind just let me know and hopefully come April 2nd we all can "Roll Out" in the Red Chargers and boss *** pre-order outfitting..