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05-29-2013, 10:41 AM

The Angels of Death (AOD) clan was founded in 1999 playing Swat 3, and has since grown to become home for hundreds of players in various games. We have launched numerous successful expansions in to new games over the years, while holding ClanAOD.net and our Public Ventrilo as the main hub for all of our gaming.

AOD is considered an 'honour-based' clan, in that our main priority in gaming is to play alongside respectful gamers who show sportsmanship in both winning and losing. Our Code of Conduct is the backbone of this mission, and it has remained unchanged for over ten years.

We are also considered a very organized clan, as can be seen in our ranks and positions, planned expansions, and in our team play. And in addition to being the foundation of our organization, our ranks and positions offer new members opportunities for advancement and increased influence on clan decisions, allowing them to shape the future of the clan.

Finally, AOD is a home for mature gamers, both competitive and casual, who are looking to play with likeminded players. Many of our members have been gaming exclusively with AOD for many years, and even those who do go their separate ways for a time often find their way back...

...AOD4Life, as we say.

For more information visit http://clanaod.net (clanaod.net)
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