View Full Version : Idle Timeouts

Arrielle Shaw
05-30-2013, 05:27 PM
As kind of an experiment while I was busying myself with some chores and other things around here, I left my character logged in and was away from my PC for at least 50 minutes. I left my character sitting around Top-Notch, but I was not at my desk for that entire time. I expected when I returned to my desk to be logged out of the game, as most other MMOs have idle timeouts somewhere around 15 minutes. I'm not entirely sure what the metrics are for bandwidth usage by clients connected to Trion's servers, but I'm sure 50 minutes of completely idle time is rather excessive and kind of costly if the player isn't at their desk wrestling with the choice of whether or not to make a microtransaction. There are developers that call bandwidth and data storage cheap, but with the recent alleged trouble at Trion, maybe this could be one thing that could help out with costs and help to improve server stability?

05-31-2013, 02:03 AM
Funny thing is this is how people exploited Mine 98 and other locations since you could just sit there and collect exp. Trion actually congratulated the people that did this with the Congrats getting to 5000. I would think at some point they would have fixed this major idiotic issue but hey who cares.
Love how they fixed the exploit issue is that you have to tag everything to actually get exp. Bad thing this made co-op suck even more since some contracts require you to tag 8 mobs are not identifiable which takes 3 co-ops at least to complete the contract.