View Full Version : 20hour beta - Couple unanswered questions

03-23-2013, 05:05 PM
First) What is the point of the "experience" bar that is specific to each weapon? I noticed that my lvl 50 blue con bolt sniper is maxed at 760,500/760,500, but nothing happened or changed when I maxed it...

Second) I don't understand the itemization. I have a lvl 50 blue con bolt rifle, and I have a lvl 220 orange con bolt rifle. Both have the exact same stats. Both have 2 mod slots. The orange con had some type of extra reload description that didn't actually work. Anyway, Just looking at this scenario, I don't understand the upgrading of weapon mechanics. A higher level and more rare item had the exact same stats as my lower level one. Is this the case all through the game?

Thirdly) What's the endgame? I know you can continue to unlock perks, but with the way itemization works, other than having an endless EGO rating grind, I don't understand where the end-game sustainability is. I loved playing SWTOR for a month, but then there was nothing sustainable end-game. Help me understand how this is different.

Please respond with facts, not opinions.

03-23-2013, 05:11 PM
Two things happen (one good, one bad):
1) It picks up an additional inherent bonus (like 0.90 Reload or some other bonus).
2) You stop earning skill with that maxed weapon for the general skill (e.g., Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles).

Supposedly at launch, you'll be able to use crystals and/or scrip to "reset" guns using the Salvage Matrix (to keep getting general weapon skill)... but it's unclear how that will be implemented so far.

03-23-2013, 05:12 PM
evrytime your weapon levels up you earn 4 ego until the weapon caps out. then you should replace it if you want to keep earning ego from weapon advancement