View Full Version : Co-op instance kicking bug

06-01-2013, 10:19 PM
I been getting randomly kickout of co-op instance and maps for no reason at all and its getting out of hand. I get halfway or to the final boss with my group and suddenly I get kickout of the instance for no reason. I'm still in the group but I can't go back in or let my group know I been kick for no reason because chat is not responding. Happen more than once on multiple instance. Four times on Conquer 101 Keys and two times on Liberate the Lost. Later on after I leave group I get a random reward for the instance run and because of being kickout my pursuits are not updating or being completed even though I complete it. I played this game for 3 weeks now and since the last two patch I been getting bugs alot lately. This is a fun game and I want to keep playing it but if Trion don't plan on addressing these issues or fixing it then I see no use in playing a game thats poorly maintain by its staff members.