View Full Version : So with the Infected (Zombie) seiges going on...

The Whitetiger
06-05-2013, 11:47 PM
I thought with all the zombies running around in Defiance and trying to keep on the zombie subject, has anyone checked out State of Decay? I mean i am surely addicted to Defiance. But i have to play something on the downtime. State of Decay is awesome. Everything DayZ and WarZ should include sometime. Plus its everything the Walking Dead Survival Instinct should of been. Hopefully soon they will add in multiplayer. So far i have only seen it on Xbox marketplace, but coming soon to PC and PS3. Enjoy peeps. But still play Defiance by all means. I know i will.

06-05-2013, 11:56 PM
Gotta catch up on walking dead. But just finished playing a bit of State-of decay. So far so good, though I got my main guy (Marcus) ripped in half already. Lol.