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06-06-2013, 11:39 AM

I am looking for a group to play with, to give this game I really like, some more depth and Longevity.
I am an active player, with (as of now) 126 hours ingame. I am a kind, supportive team player, though with some difficulties. I do struggle with social anxiety, so voice chat can be a bit problematic before I get warm and fuzzy with the group. I do my best, always, though mistakes and errors may happen. I play for fun and for fun only, so competetive angry screaming and yelling isn't my cup of tea. Nor getting or giving.

I am norwegian, 30 years old, mature, not so mature, humourous like a drunk dock worker on GHB and pretty patient with everything. I am, as said, very supportive and tend to love helping out in any way I can.

My character is called Managarmr Soeberg and he is a human preferring Votan weapons. Main EGO power is Overcharge and I do use a varity of weapons, though ARs are my favourite.

My preferances for a clan are as follows:

* IMPORTANT: I need a group that don't rush through Co-op missions. I like to clean out, take reasonable time and just have FUN in co-op. (Played for awhile on PS3 and hated the rush-people, no time to ENJOY the places and missions.) Haven't done any co-op yet, exept the first and that was rushed. This is probably the one single most important thing.

* Active, supportive and friendly.

* Not too big, nor too small. I like to not be Player 23495 and I want to matter.

* A good trading community, since I'm a loot *****, I tend to sit on lots of loot others can use.

* Individuality in a group. Story and episode mission I tend to like to do by myself and I need som spare time for my own head and gaming. As said, I like to help out and play in groups, but because of my illness I also need some alone time.

* EU time-based. I mostly play evenings and sometimes afternoon/evening.

* Semi-RP (at least acceptance for it) I do prefer Votan weapons and I like evolve myself in the story, both series and game.

* No yelling, screaming, making fun of or other offensive, personal traits. I paly for fun, both pve and pvp.

Well, I don't expect too much as of now with all my preferances and stuff, but at least I'll give it a try. To be a part of group doing ark falls, co-op and pvp, to follow orders and have fun and to get to know good people is my main goal.

Kind regards
"Managarmr Soeberg"

06-06-2013, 01:30 PM
Hello Managarmr83,

We are an EU Defiance Community.Mature and very friendly.We have people from all around the Europe and also from Norge too :)

Come and check us out mate we are on teamspeak !


See you there !