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06-10-2013, 01:03 AM
Watch The Great Gatsby Online (http://thegreatgatsby.proboards.com/) : Though, are the longer expository sequences, many of which seem taken verbatim from the novel. Across the bay from Gatsby’s mansion live Tom and Daisy Buchanan. Tom’s a racist and womanizer, and Daisy seems resigned to her fate with him. That is, until, she meets Gatsby with whom, it turns out, she has a history. Despite the novel’s legendary status and ostensible commentary on excess, the core of the story is a bit of a soap opera. And it’s here that the film struggles. As Daisy, Carey Mulligan is radiant, but her character is too much a function of the plot to ever coalesce into a sympathetic figure. Likewise Mr. Maguire’s Nick starts out strong but his role as narrator and observer holds him back. Nick’s over-used voice-over, and dialogue that’s too on-the-nose (“I’m empty inside, maybe that’s why I fill my house with so many things”), make his scenes feel as staid as the parties are vibrant.

The Great Gatsby Download (http://thegreatgatsbyhd.comunidades.net/) : The Great Gatsby is the best version of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic 1925 novel ever committed to the screen. But don’t get too excited. The bar is very low. The book has been made into three feature films, including a 1926 silent film regrettably lost, and one TV movie. The last big screen version was in 1974, a Jack Clayton-directed misfire that starred a lifeless Robert Redford in the title role. Here, the doomed personification of the money-solves-everything American thesis is played by a winning Leonardo DiCaprio who shines like an old-fashioned movie star. But shining even brighter than DiCaprio in this $127,000,000 production is, of course, its director. This Movie is based on a 2012 novel written by Famous novelist F. Scott. The movie story revolves around a millionaire Jay Gatsby who likes big parties. He enjoys Parties Environment. Nick Carway who is new to New york rents a house near Jay room.

Watch The Great Gatsby Movie (http://watchthegreatgatsbyhq.tblog.com/) : Casting Mr. DiCaprio as Gatsby makes perfect sense as did casting Robert Redford in the stilted 1974 version. While he’s never comfortable delivering the character’s signature “Old Sport”, Mr. DiCaprio is able to find more of a character in Gatsby than Mr. Redford’s enigmatic portrayal. This Gatsby wears his insecurities on his pink-hued lapels. In fact, his initial meeting with Daisy is played for outright comedy. Oddly, it’s Tom Buchanan, the abusive cad, that comes out most memorable in the film, thanks to a well-modulated performance by Joel Edgerton. The actor brings a period-appropriate quality to the role and, despite his significant flaws, comes off more true to himself that the phonies with which he surrounds himself. If certain scenes from the film appear to be lifted from the Redford version, it’s possible that there simply aren’t many other ways to approach the material.
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