View Full Version : Did the people designing the UI even test it?

03-24-2013, 11:15 AM
Bluntly, it's crap.

Since that is not too constructive, let's elaborate on that:

This is propably the smallest issue and one that has been brought up before, exiting the game is a hassle. It's a minor issue, but it's one that pretty well shows the effort put into designing the UI.

Then there's the loadouts. While they are are good idea to start with, the biggest mistake I've ever made was to equip stuff in the second loadout. Now, if I want to get rid of stuff, I first have to go to the loadout screen to swap it. And I still need something else to put into it's place. So I'll end up having stuff I don't want to have, cluttering my inventory and taking up slots.

The loadout issue becomes even bigger when trying to use the salvage matrix. Since you can't put anything currently equippen into the matrix, you first need to screw around with loadouts to make sure the item is not equipped in any of your loadouts before you can use it in salvage matrix.

And since I brought up the salvage matrix, what's with the constant need to double click everything? All the time I end up clicking something and then when nothing happens I realize I need to double click. What's wrong with a single click? Oh, except when you are in loadout screen, single click to slot brings up the equipment list, fine, but what's with the View and Change buttons below? makes using them a bit pointless.

Also, it doesn't help that the UI is bugged as well, sometimes I can't equip anything through the loadout screen, so I have to go to the inventory to equip new item.

Overall, I like the game, but the UI designer should find themselves a new job.
That's my rant for today, now it's back to playing.

03-24-2013, 11:22 AM
Interface isn't perfect yet it woks on 3 platforms and I guess it's hard to make anything good for console controllers, keyboard and mouse at once. It's *very* far from perfect but it works. Anyway I think we'll see new interface soon.

And yes - double click in matrix should be replaced with standard left-click on PC. It's not too fun to go through this click job after instance when you have to salvage 15-20 items.