View Full Version : Very high hopes for june 11th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

06-10-2013, 03:27 PM
I really hope this update fixes this group/trade/friend/and stuff to do with that come on trion i know yall can do it this game is the **** for sure i love it and i know everyone else does

06-10-2013, 05:18 PM
i'm looking forward to seeing if there is any mention of Defiance on the next-gen consoles!

06-11-2013, 09:29 AM
don't take my word for it but im pretty sure defiance will be on ps4 and xbox one I heard it was through the grapevine like anyone else but think about it xbox one is so much bigger then 360 they can do so much more with defiance on xbox one so I def hope they do