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Originally Posted by Sdric

Honestly my biggest issue with infectors in pvp is this. (Thanks for this screenshot).
Imo, fire also has over the top visuals that make it difficult to see your surroundings, let alone react to what's going on, and I wish they'd tone them down. Reducing the size of the infections on players would make infectors much less irritating while neither nerfing their uniqueness or hindering PvE in any way.

I feel like developers and players knee-jerk about all kinds of things in this game because they are "overpowered", when really the issues aren't in the strength of the gun, it's the lack of fun.

Take shotguns for example. Their damage got nerfed, when that wasn't really the issue. The issue was that you felt helpless when a cloaked person walked up behind you and shot you and you died and never saw it coming. I don't remember there being a huge list of threads complaining about the Blur shotgunners, even though that was quite effective. You don't feel as helpless when you see them coming at you.

That and it was so easy to do, so it was happening ALL the time. At least a cloaked sniper has to have exceptional aim (and specific perks) to kill you in 1 shot, so it's more rare.

Infectors have similar issues. They aren't fun to die to, and they are super easy to use, so they are everywhere ruining the ability to enjoy PvP. There should be some adjustments to fix this. As I pointed out, reducing the visible size of the infections would help a lot.

I really think infectors should be looked at, but looked at carefully. Don't just 50% nerf it like the flare pistol and call it a day. (I miss you so bad flare pistol!)

So what makes them so strong? As I see it what makes infectors so strong are the following:
Blocks vision when infected.
Massive homing capability.
Massive range.
Ability to use while "bunny hopping" with no detriment.
Inability to effectively roll to avoid bug spawns/reduce damage/increase visibility.
Bugs attacking you from seemingly out of nowhere. (Spawning off other players).
A semi-auto infector gets made into a full auto.

So which of these can we adjust without massive hits to PvE and without reducing their uniqueness?

Blocks vision when infected. Personally I see no reason to do this. It's just a nuisance and ruins fun.

Massive homing capability. This is probably one thing that people get frustrated with as well. Dying to "infector noobs", but I actually get it. PvP shooters need their "noob tubes" to allow lower skilled players to get into PvP without feeling as frustrated fighting veterans. It's also part of what makes the weapon unique. Sucks to die to the noob that can't aim, but a necessary evil.

Massive range. This ONLY applies to the immunizer, which really is the only infector that's particularly out of balance in PvP. It's supposed to be an anti-sniper version so having long range makes sense. Perhaps a minimum range would help bring it in line? (e.g. it only infects at 20-40 meters un-modded). Yup, that's a big nerf.. don't freak out, I'm only spitballing here. All the other infectors have pretty pathetic range.

Ability to use while "bunny hopping". Not being able to bunny hop while shooting effectively would make a lot of weapons more viable. Infectors aren't the only culprit for this though. This would have to be adjusted for all weapons. Shotguns, Detonators, Rocket Launchers, and Infectors would probably be the main culprits for being able to do that. Personally though I like jumping around while shooting, I think it's fun. Anyone that's gone against me in PvP is probably well aware of my affinity for jumping like a mad fool shooting my detonator.

Bugs spawning from other players and attacking you. It's pretty terrible to walk around a corner and find 5 bugs that just leap right at you. There was no player shooting at you, and then you just go splat to bugs (or at least take heavy damage). At the very least I think bugs should get that little red warning triangle that grenades get so you have a chance to avoid walking around that corner. Most other options for this (having bugs only attack players you shoot for example) kind of ruin the uniqueness of the weapon and could have heavy PvE implications.

A semi-auto infector gets made into a full auto. Again, this is mainly an Immunizer problem. I'm actually not sure if this is intended. Usually adding a +1 burst you would expect a burst of 3 to turn into 4, or 5 turns into 6. Not +1 burst makes burst fire change to automatic fire. If that's intended I think it should be stated as so, and if it's not intended it should be fixed. (That would be a bug fix, not a nerf)

Anyway, trying to direct the conversation in a constructive way. Feel free to point out things I said that you disagree with or things I missed and keep the discussion productive. Or troll, I guess you can do that too...

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You couldn't have just bumped the Original post?

Adrena Chrome
06-11-2013, 11:55 AM
It was a reply 17 pages deep in another thread. I thought it deserved a little more light....

You couldn't have just bumped the Original post?

06-12-2013, 12:11 AM
It was a reply 17 pages deep in another thread. I thought it deserved a little more light....

So you are reposting it here to have many visitors? That is an old style but still working.LOL. Anyway, the post is really nice to read with.