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06-12-2013, 07:16 AM
So the interview was, maybe 10 minutes long. It was with Grant Boller(i think his last name is? i forget) the guy who plays Nolan! IMO he did a so-so job at trying to sell both the game and the show. Also, i noticed he seemed to be getting closer and closer to the female interviewer, not that i wouldnt, just something i noticed lol.

Before i go on... No, DLC was not mentioned. No, game issues were not mentioned. As its a sell job @ E3, game issues are expected to be avoided, thats fine. Perhaps someone from the communuty went to E3 and got to speak to people from Defiance... Also, i really think they displayed the PC-version. No real proof, just a guess since it looked a bit graphically better than my 360 version.

CASTITHAN MODELS - We were shown different Castithan models, the creation screen. Male/Female with the multiple faces. Im probably not going to play as a Casti, so i didnt take much notice.

CHARGE BLADE + RIFLE - The Charge Blade was used as your typical melee sword, like a katana, vs a Volge enemy in a Siege (youll read more in a second). Another point in the gameplay trailer there seemed to be a Charge Longrifle, perhaps a sniper, but it was only single-fire hip-fired.

THE VOLGE! - Yes, they showed the Volge, during what i think was a 2-point Siege. (As they are now, there 3 and 4-point sieges). The point werent synthesizers, obviously, but more along the lines of the Scrapper conduits... The Volge would go up to the conduit, and shoot a red beam to the top as if they were Charging it, or it was charging them.

MONOLITH ARKFALL - They showed what might possibly be the Monolith Arkfall, in which it looks different from the 2 we have seen during the Storyline. Its almost a variation, a Mini-Monolith, if you will. There were some pretty obvious "Crit spots" on it.

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