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06-16-2013, 06:36 AM
hi, as i`m from Austria Iīm playing on the EU server right now, one of my Xbox live friends is canadian, and we both bought the game in order to play it together. Unfortunaelty we found out that this is not possible. Whereas my german friends were shown in the friends list, he was marked being offline.

i contacted the xbox live support and they advised me to create a german fake account, get a gold membership for 48 hrs (i was lucky i found one for 14 days) , then make the account US, which i did by the migration option offered by MS since the beginning of that year. The reason was to just give it a try whether it works before screwing around with my main account.

it all worked out well, the menu is english now, i changed the console region setting to US (just to be safe) , I had to install the game again, get the patches, and when i had finished the tutorial, I found out that i was still on the EU Server, I looked up the other players gamecards and they were from UK , Germany or Australia.

It appears to be easy to switch the server on PC and even PS3 but it isnīt as easy on the Xbox.

Iīve got a PS3 at home, my Canadian buddy hasnīt so we are stuck with the Box.

I already posted the problem in the german section, I got some answers but none really helped. Was trying to contact the Trion support as well at 15.00hrs but it seems to be offline at the moment.

So I thought i might as well post my question here.

does anyone know how I can connect to the US Server as an european gamer ?

thanks a lot ..

edit : sry obviously the wrong section, would a mod be so kind as to move it to the right place , thx a lot

the yok
06-16-2013, 11:09 AM
Yep, it's slightly annoying...a lot of my friends I met playing borderlands 2 are American or Canadian, so I can't hook up with them...

Only thing I can think of is a VPN... Which isn't free, will lag like hell, and u wud need a pc on all the time

06-16-2013, 11:32 AM
thank you for your reply, yes it is disappointing. i like to play with whom I know and can trust, i read the Thread Region Lock on Xbox 360, which is pinned above and as far as I understood they are working on it, yet they have not come up with a patch which would unlock the region.

I like defiance very much, not because of *getting the best weapon* but because of the other possibilities it offers, cruising around by bike, I discovered the devastated ruins of San Francisco with a german firend who took me there well before i could actually go there by myself, it was absolutely fascinating.

it is so much easier at the beginning, when you have someone who shows you around , and it is much more fun, playing with people you know well. Donīt get me wrong I donīt mind CooP missions with other players, they are fun as well, but in this particualr case I would have loved to team up with my canadian Buddy and help him during the first step into the game, and it really puts me off not being able to do so....