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03-24-2013, 05:45 PM
Well so far I love this game a lot, I really don't have much of anything to complain about. I have enjoyed every minute I have played on it. The story line so far is going great, I was disappointed I couldn't get any farther in it. The side quest where ok, seem to be the same thing a lot, but it isnt that bad. The Episode missions where my favorite though. I liked meeting the two main character of the show and be able to fight along side them was great and fun. I really can't wait to see what comes up next after that. The combat is fun, never really got bored with it and at times gave me a some sort of difficulty.

Now the gear and weapons, well I like the variety of weapons and gear. It gives me many different ways to kill my enemies. The vehicles are great and fun, I can't wait to drive some of the larger vehicles then just atvs which I have been useing. Now I didn't talk about this until now, but time for the arkfalls. Now I will first say this I really love them alot. I love that you have to work together, and I can't wait until the launch when you will have thousands of people going for arkfalls, but one thing I am disappointed about them(which other people have mentioned). I want to get some great loot when I am in the major arkfalls. I don't like getting green grenades as the best loot, I would like some purple or orange gear.

Now to the loot itself, I am not sure where to start. Well I think that blue gear is given away to much. If there is 5 levels of gear: white, green, blue, purple, and orange. Now I have full purple loadout(which I am sure others have) and more purple gear and blue, zero green. The reason why is beacause blue green it handed out like candy. I understand if you fight a really difficult boss yes, but I dont like getting it like candy. I want to earn my weapons. Also again I am going to the arkfalls, I want to get better loot. See if you want to give away blue gear then give it away for that. I really dont like having to go to the lockboxes to get purple gear or better. These arkfalls are a big deal in the game, well then give everyone a reason to make a big deal about it. If I fight a boss with about 20+ people I want to get some loot, and if the game hopefully has more people going after an arkfall we should get some great gear. There needs to be a want to get the gear. The lockboxes are cool(dont get me wrong), but I dont want that to that to be the only way to get all the great gear.

Now to move on, the social part of the game. Well maybe because it was just the beta right now, but I didn't see to much grouping or working together. I am not going to jump to anything, it's just the beta but there should be alot more options to group up or communicate. I would like to be able to message someone without having to tell everyone it, or something like that. But overall I love this game, I know I went on about the points that could be improved but that is becuase I want to see this game get far.

Well I am sure I am going to have people disagree with me and maybe someone agree with me, but comment away. This is just what I think. And maybe the game developers may look at this. Who knows??? Well thank you for your time.

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is that better Redeker?????