View Full Version : Defiance Recruit A Friend is HERE!

06-19-2013, 08:29 AM
There has never been a better time to get your friends playing Defiance. We have just launched our Recruit-A-Friend campaign that allows you to unlock sweet rewards for recruiting and playing with friends. Unlock the exclusive Headhunter Title, Inventory slots, Hellblazer Nomad Truck and Tier 3 Lock Boxes. To top it off, if your refereed friend wants to play on PC they can get an additional 30% off the game through Trion Worlds. How do you unlock these rewards you ask? It is actually very simple.

1.) You need to own a copy of Defiance across any platform and have a valid Trion Worlds account. (Xbox 360 and PS3 accounts need to be account linked)

2.) Head on over to http://www.defiance.com/en/recruit-a-friend/

3.) Ask your friends for their e-mails or simply post your recruit link via you social media channel of choice.

4.) Watch your rewards unlock as your friends play the game. (Friend accounts on Xbox 360 and PS3 need to be account linked)

For a full list of rewards see the below: