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03-25-2013, 02:22 AM

i dont think you are waiting for every beta player to post their experiencess of the game. But i'm going to do it anyway.

Defiance, yes i liked it its a whole new original MMORPG also because it combines a TV series with the game, and i hope for you it worksout the way u want it too.

However, during my time in the beta i noticed a few things that botherd me:

1 The NPC's are idiots, ******ed, stupid we all noticed that ^^ Also in my eyes their movements should be a bit more gentle, perhaps something for a patch since u only got like a month left.

2. Too much ammo, this game is litterd with ammo, there is no challenge in that. U can close ur eyes, shoot ur gun dry and then loot all u need from the NPC's in the game, what i would love to see is not the money/ammo drops but u actually looting a body without seeing the prize on forehand

3. Make is more obvious that there is something on the ground u can loot, i didnt notice at first.

4. i missed an important social aspect of the game. NOw i am not asking for chats that spam overandoverandoverandover again. But, take a mission to a radio tower for example, the first two others where there aswell, there was no cooperation, someone saved you but no time to thank them, because the chat system is crappy. an MMORPG needs a good social chat system. I am think of text balloons, and easy visibility of player names. Also the ability to invite people to a group( could be in the normal game dunno posted it anyway)
The social aspect is important, to help share idea's outside of forums of guilds

5. Arkfall crystals.
This part of the game wasnt really clear to me, dafuq happend out there? some lame crystals are stuck in the ground, some critters are gently nomming the crystals while ur shooting their big cousins, and when the crystals are destroyed, there is some money and ammo i think. So i hope this gets expanded with the release of the game, because it was pretty lame, i expected more from the 10 minutes it took to destroy the crystal solo,

These are my pointers of the game, i liked it, i am tough not convinced yet and i dont know yet if i will buy it, or download it( f2p? or monthly subscriptions?) dunno yet, i will watch the series however( dont have Scifi, so i will have no choice but to Torrent them and seed so the game/series becomes populair)

thanks for this awsome new stuff