View Full Version : whats ur fav pvp perks? mine are

06-21-2013, 12:52 PM
i love escape artist i use it on every profile pvp an pve , thick skin seems to help alot its like having an xtra strong sheild for 3secs after urs breaks, fortitude works well, gunslinget depending on the weapons im using

hunters stance/height advanage work well when teamed with an assassion syn weap , rear guard works quite well to , pumpedup works great depending on the weapons ur using again , also the take less dmg while crouched perk works good ,

i quit using cellur armor because it seems to be a bit bugged to me soemtimes i die alot faster with it on , an when i take it off it seems i die alot less ,

my all time fav perk is escape artist when teamed with thickskin u can almost always get away then turn around an kill , i know there are tons of really good pvp perk setups but it really depends on the bounes ur guns give an also witch ones ur using but no matter what thick skin escape artist fortitude are on pretty much all my profiles

anyway other then that i feel the perks that make u take less dmg are alot better than the ones that make you do more dmg because you can kill ppl fast no matter what with right guns an high lvl mastrys

give you input on this , 1 last thing if you really want to get alot better at PVP turn off the autoaim thats in PVE an you will become alot better at aiming in PVP i think the auto aim has alot to do with why alot of ppl are not so good in pvp

06-21-2013, 12:55 PM
I didn't think autoaim works at all in pvp.

06-21-2013, 01:55 PM
I didn't think autoaim works at all in pvp.

no it dont , thats why if u want be get alot better at pvp i an turn off the auto aim in pve , its great practice for when going to play pvp i turned mine all a long time ago an im sure that has alot to do with why im one of the top PVP players