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03-25-2013, 03:38 AM
I have played the game during the mission test now this weekend, and I've certainly enjoyed myself.
My review:

Graphics and UI
On the graphics I have no complaint at all, considering it is made to work on both old consoles and the PC.
With those limitations I think they've done great.
On cutscenes I have to look away though.. The character models are so ugly and talk out of sync, with almost no facial muscles at all.

I had some fiddleing with the UI. It isn't optimal. I would have wanted to see an option to hold a button to activate a mouse pointer and then navigate like im used to, i.e pressing a button to get up a menu and click my way through. Mouse pointer is unlocked in certain menus so it probably wouldnt take so much work to add it over the whole.
Also the lack of communication with other players due to the fact that there is no dedicated chat-window to the general UI is not good.

Steering my vehicle i would have prefered to do the same way as in Borderlands, (steering the way i direct my mouse).

Missions and Happenings
I did as many missions that I could and overall I've enjoyed them. I also read all the mission texts, even so I sometimes found myself just clicking stuff not really knowing why.
Murders in Madera for example. Part 1 you investigate a murder scene, games has you inspect 3 or 4 different elements and I the player have no clue why. In Part 2 an explanation is given, but it feels rather odd.

More information (speech) during missions would have been great.

The happenings around the map, where you drive past something and they require your help and whatnot I really loved, also the fact that encounters scale and let several players participate, no accepting mission necessary, it all just happens. wow this is the future of gaming. I certainly hope this kind of thing takes over the whole missioning.
Allthough in this mission beta, maybe intended, but there where not so many different kinds, but very many spots, so it quickly felt dull.

PVP I tried a few times, and I think it has great potential, allthough not very balanced at this point.
I think by restricting some of the elemental effects, separating console from pc (not sure if it is or isnt allready), upping everyone to max ego or putting everyone on ego 0, could be some means to make pvp better.

Stations to buy weapons and mods, need to have categories added. Scrolling down through this endless list of mods having to click each to see its properties was very annoying.
Items in general I didnt quite understand. I had an "ego 64, rare shotgun" that was better than any other shotgun I could find, up until ego 200, where I was when mission test ended. Even so some of the tougher enemies was a real pain, like the "tanker". 2 tankers against one ark-hunter during the main mission is not nice.

The skill system is what really worries me. I got no real feel of progress. I kind of hope the current one is a placeholder for something else. Dont get me wrong skills improving your fighting capabilities can be hold to a low if you want to make it a good pvp game, but then there needs to be some other progression.
Inventory/bank slots, vehicles, access to dungeons/content, titles, housing, special skills with limited or no impact on pvp etc etc

Overall i feel very positive about having participated in this beta and i am looking forward to the release!

Please add your own review to this thread if you like.

03-25-2013, 04:32 AM
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03-25-2013, 12:08 PM
Nice review!