View Full Version : Buying these mods

06-24-2013, 11:10 AM
BUYING grenadier syn mods for ar crit mult barrel 3 recoil stock3 and fast mag but will look at others.

************************************************** ****************************************

Also buying cannoneer mods for sniper recoil stock crit barrel mainly.

************************************************** ****************************************

BUYING crit mult 3 assassin barrel and recoilstock I need 2 stocks.


Run n gun crit barrel 3 for pistol.

lmg element converter with quartermaster, recoil stock quartermaster, and hmmm risk crit barrel prob but will buy others.

Keep in mind I need these for my guns and I'm not paying anything crazy like <50k

if you have any of these send me a msg on Xbox here or just post on here. Plz and thanks