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06-26-2013, 01:38 PM
Greetings to the community,

first time writing on the forums,i want to talk about the future of this game that in my opinion is nearly perfect,first mmorpg who's worth the time and money spent on it, but sadly it lacks the most important part which make`s and brake`s successful mmorpg,which is the player base.

Defiance needs more advertising,acording to a statistic made by a well known gaming site almost half of the online gaming community`s didn't even heard about this game which its kinda sad,because Defiance has lots of potential.

We,the gamers can help with the spreding of the news about this game by Online Gaming Forums,Live Streams,Friends and so on,we need to help Trion and SyFy in this project called Defiance

As you know this game is free to play so the only revenue that Trion gets is from game sales and micro transactions which is kinda hard to keep a game running and launching new content
,so as a sign of solidarity to the employees and developers at Trion i decided to buy once or twice at two months a 6 euros worth of bits to help support this game,every player who can afford a mere 6 euros donation to Trion via buy bits its welcomed to do so:)
If you love the game fight for it,help it reach the top

I`l make a list with the players who donate and post it right here in the next couple of days.
You can pm me after you bought the bits to put you on the list:) I`m kinda curious how many people will support us monthly:)

Thank you for your time:) and sorry for my bad english;P i`m european:D :))

Don`t Forget:)

Watch the show,play the Game,Change the world.

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Asking us to donate to trion??? I did already when I bought a clan bonus which apparently at the time didn't even work. Game isn't free to play I bought it.