View Full Version : VBI KLOC Pistol from the pre-launch videos - how to get in game

06-27-2013, 06:54 AM

I figured out how to get the awesome-looking KLOC pistol from the VBI website working in the game. If you haven't seen it play the video on the weapons section here: www.vonbachindustries.com

How to get:
Weapon: HP-6 Wolfhound (main mission reward, Mt. Tam) OR EMC Magnum (secret vendor, Hermit's Hideaway) - these are the only two weapons with the grey/red autopistol texture. It looks brighter in the video but it's the same.
Scope mod: Mobile Adjustment Scope - adds the large scope to the back of the pistol..
Mag mod: Catalytic Amplifier - adds the bottom cap to the pistol grip.
Barrel mod: Maximum Force Barrel - adds the large cap over the front of the pistol.
Stock mod: None seen.

In my opinion the KLOC texture looks MUCH more awesome than the 'electric blue' of the default Autopistol. Now you have an idea of how to get it if you were curious :)