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03-25-2013, 02:22 PM
Having played the Alpha, Beta 1 and 3 here is my constructive feedback:


Once shortcuts are learned, very quick to get to LoadOut, Inventory, Social, etc and quick to navigate around with Esc going back one stage of the menu.
Nice and clear colour scheme white on pale blue (see Improvements)
Mods for guns, really like the idea and the way I can add new mods to my guns (albeit with a downtime for any further Salvage Matrix use)
Graphically very pretty game, particularly in middle of Major Arkfalls and scenic views with sunlight across the landscapes. (see Improvements)
Minor Arkfall events are great fun albeit difficult to see if you are contributing to defeating it (see Improvements)
Major Arkfalls are epic awesome fun and quite surprising when you first see the giant hell bug in the middle appear. But... (see Negatives)

Negatives with suggested Improvements

Needs the short-cut key being more prominent on the menu tabs. IMPROVEMENT-Colour the letter Orange or something to highlight its the shortcut key
Esc key to return from one stage of the menu drill down works, until you want to quickly drop back to the game. There is no short-cut to cancel the menu completely
Comparing items is not obvious until you click the box at the end of a row, then you have to click another item to see the comparison.IMPROVEMENT-Make it consistent when using inventory and in the shop
Inventory is too restrictive. I must have filled it up god knows how many times with Mods I thought I keep for a gun I might get (see other negative)<BR>IMPROVEMENT-Allow all of particular grade items not in use to be deleted or Salvage for resources
Mods for guns good idea but implemented with inventory creates a bottle neck. I kept some in inventory for use, when I got gun could use on. However, I couldn't use it without using my Salvage Matrix to Add a Random Mod slot. Which may or may not be the one I had a mod for and so inventory stays full or I delete the item just to save space. IMPROVEMENT-Allow Mods to be stored at a base in a locker or something like in Borderlands 2 for use later
Major Arkfalls have annoying feeling of a) am I even damaging this bug as health just doesn't seem to go down and b) run out of ammo for every gun and end up have to leave the event t find an ammo cache. IMPROVEMENT-Improve the ammo drops or change the sight when damage is being taken on the mob to show you have the correct place (I assume it the yellow soft spots)
Waypoints are not shared when in a group. so if you are the leader and mark waypoint location you group member's don't know and cant follow it. IMPROVEMENT-share the waypoint indicator with group or team if your the leader.
In a group and you enter area with group member to do quest, then suddenly they are not with you. Why... because you just entered a difference phase and you group member was not pulled in although grouped with you. IMPROVEMENT-Auto pull group members into the phase of the quest area without them having to do it manually through the quick menu


Graphics - would be nice with a HDR option for use to enable or not
Colour scheme white on pale blue needs more transparency for the pale blue. IMPROVEMENT-Add setting in graphics to configure this transparency
Minor Arkfalls events need a contribution gauge or counter to show during the event you are actually helping bring it down. More often than not I did these and got no XP at the end. I assume I joined the event to late.

03-26-2013, 10:35 PM
I had the same issue, ran out of ammo, so rather than leave like you did, I fired up a bio gun and started to heal everyone. I later found out that through some stroke of genius Trion "turned down/off the loot the drops for Ark Falls and just about everything in beta 3.

03-27-2013, 09:05 AM
I would like to see the bugs fixed for the big bugs lol. It's kind of depressing when you sit and go through all your ammo, take a vehicle to another ammo location refill, then come back again to dump all that ammo as well and not get any rewards.

03-27-2013, 01:03 PM
Maybe you could do some kind of a quest. or have it be an ultra rare drop that you get one of these supply trucks that you could drive around to arkfalls or would that be to simple of an idea. Commennts