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November 11
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Finalist #8: Ender Xenocide
Name: Ender Xenocide
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Occupation: Vegas Prison Inmate

Ender is a man on a mission – a former convict with a chip on his shoulder bigger than a downed Ark. Betrayed by his best friend, he roams the Badlands seeking revenge. Life in the new frontier has hardened Ender into a one man wrecking crew. His tactics are brutal, his manner direct. You do not want to get between this guy and the vengeance he seeks.

Ender was still an infant when the Arks came down. His mother died in the terraforming that swept San Francisco. Young Ender would have perished as well, if it weren’t for the heroic efforts of the Defiant Few, who pulled him from the wreckage of a collapsed building. Following Armistice, Ender bounced from one refugee camp to another, learning from the soldiers who found themselves adrift without an enemy to fight. When he was 14, he struck out on his own with just a gun and a runner. He worked as an Ark Hunter, quickly amassing a fat pile of scrip. This drew the attention of many would be partners, but Ender chose to work alone. That is, until the day he met a Castithan cartographer named Iskat, who claimed to have located an object of immeasurable wealthin an uncharted region of the Storm Divide near the Texas border. The only catch was, the Earth Republic had declared this zone strictly off limits. They struck out together, eventually making their way to the crash site of a downed Ark. Inside the Ark, they found a strange Indogene laboratory, which contained the remnants of some aborted science project floating in glass tubes. Ender turned to his friend for an explanation, only to find a gun in his face. Iskat shot him twice in the chest. Ender awoke in E-Rep custody on a caravan headed for Vegas Prison. His own best friend had betrayed him and made off with the loot. Ender spent 3 years in prison, dreaming of revenge and growing more bitter with each passing year. Eventually, he caught the eye of an Echelon recruiter. They offered Ender his freedom on one condition – that he track down Iskat and return the stolen cargo. Obviously, this suited the young man just fine.

When Ender heard about Von Bach’s Bay Area Expedition, he knew it was an opportunity Iskat just couldn’t pass up. Ender has come to San Francisco with a single goal – to stand over the cold dead corpse of his former friend.
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Ender Xenocide aka Justifiable187 aka one of the greatest ark hunters ever


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