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    Wish I knew you better!

    A player full of fun,
    One of the good few.
    Too soon done,
    Glad I met you. :(

    Wish I knew You by the...
  2. TYVM for Asking!

    Please: Colony Courtship, NeoVotanis Freebooters, and Nuclear Winter. :)
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    Happy new year ark hunters!

    And Happy New Year to all of y'all, Devs and Players both! :D
  4. More power to y'all!

    Y'all REALLY believe that?!?! Ah, the IDEALISM! After three years of playing this game and speaking up on the forums, wish I still had some! :(

    Anyway, more power to y'all! Cheers! (Now where DID...
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    Ah, Bunny Hopping, I knew you well!

    Love it when PVPers fight on the Forums! LOL! :D

    Seriously, being able to bunny hop was a big part of how my clan mates could convince me to PVP! It kept me alive for over a few seconds and I...
  6. A thousand times YES!!!!!!!

    And my answer is yes! They hand over extra JPs to people that have extra money and buy patron passes! LOL! :rolleyes:
  7. Congrats!

    Well then, CONGRATS, you certainly don't need the REST of us! :p

    Just saying, up the ante Trion if you want more players on PTS! :)

    And Bentu, I LOVE my pipe dreams! LOL! :D
  8. Why not?

    *SIGH* I understand the game is now FTP, although much real money is spent in the bits store, so I see why REAL money can't be used to pay a play tester in Defiance PTS if Trion want's to keep their...
  9. RL!

    I think that is a great motivation Bentu, but I'm a teacher and help out in RL all the time! Therefore when I pay for a game (like I did with Defiance) I want the company to do their job of play...
  10. Huh?!?!

    I know you think you're being all altruistic and all hyping PTS, but as a member of SWIB, this was REALLY NOT a nice thing to say! :(

    And for the record, I was NOT trying to be negative, but WAS...
  11. Again, WHY DO IT?

    I don't play Pokemon, but my two kids do religiously since they were little, but even they would get tired of getting the same exact Meowth with the same exact statistics but only a different color!...
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    Another Icon Gone!

    Despite all the depression and drug problems, Carrie always seemed like a FUN person! Not enough of those left in Hollywood anymore! :(

    Hope y'all are in a better place Carrie! :)
  13. Why do PTS?

    Question #1: As a veteran of three years in Defiance, I have never played in a PTS, even though asked, because the rewards just weren't worth it to me! As to this one, who needs another...
  14. Final Christmas Bump!

    Merry Christmas one and y'all! :D
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    Hark the Herald Angels Sing
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    What FUN!

    OOOOOOOOH! I WANT tougher Volge!!!!! When I first started the Defiance game three years ago, before rigs and JPs, they were a real threat! Not so much now, even for my low EGO character, Lena Marr!...
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    Best weapons on Anime!

    Rwby has the best transforming weapons in anime, as witness below Rwby's big gun that turns into an even bigger schythe! *SIGH* I WANT one of those in Defiance! :)
  18. Bumpity-Bump!

    This girl's name is Mary! Mary Christmas! Get it! Get my joke! Oh well, have one anyway! :D
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    I always wanted a new outfit in Defiance called Belle's Combat Skirt, like in the anime "Rwby!" It would be the first dress in the Defiance game and a new outfit not-a-reskin too! :)
  20. 1/2 Right!

    You're half right! N'Awlins in my home town, although I didn't realize that is where I picked up that phrase! :D

    But, I teach political science and criminal justice, particularly law stuff! Who...
  21. Oh yeah, and BUMP!

    Happy Holly Day! Get it! The girl's name is Holly! And she's happy! NM,, nobody gets my jokes! :D
  22. Seasons Greetings from Belle Starr!

    TYVM! Just keeping the Seasons Greeting! :D
  23. Go or stay, don't sell your virtual stuff!

    Ya know, everybody has to figure out their own reason(s) for leaving or staying! For me, I like the game mechanics, Defiance world, PVE enemies, but like even more my clan mates and in-game friends,...
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    Efficient but not very effective!

    If you think about it, it's a pretty efficient way of dealing with customer service! If we PVP and PVE players don't exist, we can't have made complaints, so everything is working as intended! How...
  25. Sorry Logain, I'm happy as a Defiance Veteran!

    Okay, if Chew as a real life military veteran is okay with me calling myself a veteran after playing Defiance for the last three...
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